Those Runner Kids is a mommy-and-me / toddler exercise class that introduces little ones to concepts of running while working on various developmental skills in an age-appropriate way. Led by a running coach and personal trainer with a youth training specialty, this program gets kids moving in a fun and engaging way.

In these kids fitness classes each week children will work on a theme of skills such as:

  • speed
  • endurance
  • agility
  • balance and coordination

Kids work on various skills through games. For example, children work on speed and agility while racing to a color cone or shape. This also works on spatial awareness, listening skills, and school prep by identifying colors, shapes, animals, etc.


What To Expect

Incorporated into each weekly lesson are other gross motor skills including balance, agility and proprioception (body awareness). Class includes and obstacle course and other games, and ends with reading of a children’s book that focuses on health, fitness, or wellness.

The season ends with an Ultimate Obstacle Course and a fun run where all participants earn a medal for being committed to working on their fitness.

Learn more about all the skills taught here.

About Those Runner Kids

Those Runner Kids is an outdoor children fitness program based in south NJ. Classes include running and various exercises and concepts from other sports. Skills are presented via games and obstacle courses that change each week. Classes also include yoga stretches and the reading of a exercise-related children’s book. Classes are weekly and 45-min long. These fitness classes are best for ages 2-7, with sibling discounts. It serves as a great way to introduce fitness in a fun setting while allowing kids to get physical activity during this COVID era. Read more

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Hi, I’m Lauren, better known as the blogger and running coach That Runner Mom. I created Those Runner Kids as a way to encourage children to stay active and show them exercise is fun. I am a RRCA-certified running coach and ACE-personal trainer with a Youth Fitness Specality. Thanks for visiting!

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