Halloween Toddler Exercise Class October 12

Get ready for fall at the Farmette!

Those Runner Kids is proud to announce the upcoming toddler exercise class at Morning Glori Farmette on Oct. 12, 2021 at 10:30 a.m.

This class will specifically cater to babies/toddlers walking age – ages 4.

The class will introduce little ones to running and other exercises in an age-appropriate way. This includes running drills around small cones, working on core strength and balance on balance beams, and fine and gross motor skills. This class is Halloween-themed! So expect your toddler to play “catch the ghost” and to run with (a small, lightweight) pumpkin!

The class is held at Morning Glori Farmette in Marlton, NJ—an alpaca farm! Kids end the class with a meeting and feeding with the alpacas.

All kids get a Halloween-themed finisher medal & a copy of the children’s book Ready, Set, Run!

Scan the QR code above to register!

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