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Those Runner Kids launches spring 2021. There are currently two locations: Medford Freedom Park in Medford, NJ. Classes start April 7 at 4 p.m. and run for 8-weeks; Morning Glori Farmette Fitness and Alpaca classes, which are also 45-minutes long and runs for a total of 4-weeks.

Summer 2021 classes are now available for mornings at Freedom Park. Dates and times to be finalized, but there are two morning classes for toddlers in August and one class for toddlers and one class for big kids in August. Click on the SUMMER tab to register.

These mommy-and-me/ toddler classes include a warm-up, stretching, toddler yoga, obstacle course, running technique, relay races (presented through our ice cream game!), games, music and more!

During each class, participants work on various age-appropriate skills that are designed to help them master the basics of movements to set them up for athletic success in the future.

Skills taught at Those Runner Kids include mastering fine and gross motor skills that include: running, jumping, throwing, catching, as well as picking up objects.

Toddlers also work on stability, mobility, and flexibility, and coordination development including balance, spatial awareness, rhythm, and reactivity.

Also included in Those Runner Kids classes is speed and agility. This includes acceleration and deceleration skills. Learn more about the skills here.

At the core of this class is the introduction to running. This includes concepts of running such as form and technique. Every week, kids will work on speed and endurance while building up to the final week where they participate in a fun run. All runners get a medal for completing all of the classes!

The heart of each class is the obstacle course, which changes every week to reflect the skills focused on for each specific class. This might mean balance beams for developing core strength and balance, or agility poles for reactivity.

All skills and exercises are taught and presented in an age-appropriate way. This means lots of structured play and games! The idea is for exercise to be fun so that they look forward to being active. While kids are running around most of the class, they also are introduced to other exercises and elements of other sports. This includes a variation of kicking the cone game often seen in toddler soccer classes. This is not a competitive running or racing program. Children do not compete against each other. Running is just one of the many modes of exercise, making it more of a general exercise class opposed to a track or cross country program.

Each class ends with a cool down period that includes stretching and breathing exercises. It concludes with reading of a children’s book in the health and fitness space to further open them to concepts of living a healthy life.

This fitness program is designed to be best for children ages 2-5.

Spring Location

Freedom Park is located 86 Union St, Medford, NJ 08055

Classes are held in the open space, multipurpose field behind the playground.

A table will be set up with hand sanitizer and the field will include large start and finish flags to better help parents identify where class is.

Spring Dates

Wednesday, April 7

Wednesday, April 14

Wednesday, April 21

Wednesday, April 28

Wednesday, May 5

Wednesday, May 12

Wednesday, May 19

Wednesday, May 26


4-4:45 p.m.

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MEDFORD CLASSES HAVE REACHED FULL CAPACITY FOR THE SPRING! Please email coach Lauren at to reserve a spot for summer classes.

Second Location Is Here!

Registration for the spring mini season at Morning Glori Farmette for the spring is now open!


Morning Glori Farmette


Morning Glori Farmette

131 Navy Lane

Evesham, NJ 08053


Friday May 7, 2021

Friday May 14, 2021

Friday May 21, 2021

Friday May 28, 2021


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Keep in mind this is the mini version of our class. It is only 4-weeks and not the full 8. The cost is $75, with $25 drop-in class passes available only if spots are available.

Based on the location, classes focus more on games, exercises, and the obstacle course. Kids are still running! But space is limited for those longer dashes. This makes it a great option for the younger toddlers!

Each class ends with a reading of a children’s book and alpaca feeding and petting!

COVID Precautions

The best thing about running is that is a no-contact sport! What’s great about Those Runner Kids classes is that it is outside!

With that said, all parents and children will get their temperatures taken upon arrival. Parents and children are encouraged to wear masks if in a group, but masks are not required for the children while they exercise. The kids will remain at a social distance, although some games might mean they are in closer contact. Children are also asked to stay at their own station that will be marked for them (via cone or hoop) while coach Lauren is demonstrating skills and moves. This is both to encourage listening skills and keep them from running off in the park, as well as for health safety so that they can be at a distance.

If a parent, family member or the child, might be exposed to COVID, experiencing symptoms, or tested positive, it is kindly asked for the child not to attend class. There are no makeup classes or rain dates, but refunds will be given either in full or partial based on circumstances ONLY for COVID reasons.


Spring weather often means rains. Unfortunately, because of permit restrictions Those Runner Kids full spring season only has the field for the 8-weeks scheduled. If there is rain, coach Lauren will make the call to cancel class for that day by emailing parents as well as updating the Facebook page. Make sure to LIKE to get all updates.

The mini season at Morning Glori Farmette includes rain dates added to the end of the program.

In case of rain, parents will be given the option to attend either the Friday or Wednesday class. If the times don’t work, there is also the option to add extra dates at the end of the current spring session, or get a discount towards the summer season.

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